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Department Transfers

If you're looking for instructions on how to perform a transfer on a physical timeclock, click here.

If an employee can work in multiple departments, they must first be assigned to each of the departments.

To assign employees to multiple departments (Available Departments), head to Employees - List View, and select your employee.

Click the link called "Available Departments" located near the bottom-left of the page, and a small window will appear containing a list of departments.

Put a check mark in the box next to each department that employee is eligible to work in, click the Save button to close the window, and lastly, click the Save button at the bottom of their profile.

When an employee changes departments during their shift, they do not need to clock out. At the time clock, then push the transfer key (will vary depending on the clock model, please reference your clock guide), enter the number of the department they are transferring to, then their badge number. It may be beneficial to have a print out of departments near the clock 

If an employee forgets to transfer departments at the clock, you can edit their timecard for them.

Enter the time the employee switched departments in he second 'In' field, then select the department they changed to from the drop down list of the 'Department' column to the right of it. 

This example below will transfer the employee to the Main department at 1pm. Notice they did not punch out (first out punch field is blank).

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