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Setup a Supervisor and Assign their Employees

A supervisory user often has limited access in the system, to a specific department or group of employees.

By default, a Supervisor will have access to edit/approve timecards, approve PTO, input Schedules, and run reports for their group of employees.

This guide is designed to assist you in assigning the correct employees to the supervisor, so they see the correct staff members upon logging in.

#1) This is the preferred method of assigning an employee to a supervisor, or multiple employees to a supervisor.

 From the top of the application, navigate to Employees - List View


To assign a supervisor to their employees, you must first grant them the Role of Supervisor from their employee profile. This must be done by the current SysAdmin within the system.


Select the Assign Employees icon.

In the pop-up window, select whether this will be the employee’s Main Supervisor or Supervisor, or both.

There is no difference in access between the two options, simply how the supervisor displays on the employee’s profile. 

Important Note – if you are integrated with a payroll system via the API, then you will not want to select the Main Supervisor option, because this assignment will come to Timeco from payroll. You may only have one Main Supervisor.

Be aware you may overwrite another supervisor’s access when using this field. You may have as many Supervisors as you like, but only one Main Supervisor.

Select the employees from the left (unassigned) and click the arrow to move them to the right (assigned). You may also move the employees from the right to left, to un-assign them.


 #2) Alternate supervisory assignment to employees, from the employee profile:


Navigate to the employee list, from Employees à List View (seen in step 1 above) and select the employee’s name.

  • From the Supervisor Assignment area toward the bottom right of the profile, choose the supervisors that will be assigned to the employee.
  • As indicated above, may only have one Main Supervisor and it is not advised that you assign the Main Supervisor in Timeco is you are integrated via payroll system.
    •  Be advised you may overwrite another supervisor’s access when using this field. You may have as many Supervisor(s) as you like.

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