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Cancelling an Approved Leave Request

How an Employee Cancels a Leave Request

An employee has the capability of cancelling a leave request, even after it has been approved by a supervisor. The employee can do this from their leave request area by selecting the pencil icon under the cancel column.

When that happens, the supervisor will receive an email notification letting them know the date and time of the canceled entry. The time is automatically removed from the timecard, so no further action is required of the supervisor.

If the timecard with the approved leave request is approved/locked, the employee will not be able to cancel their leave request and will receive an error.

How an Admin/Supervisor Cancels a Leave Request

An administrator or supervisor would need to go the employee's timecard to remove a leave request. Once on the employee's timecard, they must navigate to the date of the leave request to delete the entry itself. Once the leave request entry is deleted, simply save the timecard and the leave request will switch from approved to canceled. 

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