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Points - Keeping up with Attendance Policies and Schedules

The points system allows you to track a numeric value per each Exception in the system, to track attendance infractions per employees.


Once your points and exception rules policies are in place (outlined during implementation), points will begin to trigger based on the employee’s schedule.

If you do not currently have a points policy enabled, please review the attachment at the end of this guide, complete and send it to support@timeco.com for setup of your new policy.


If an employee punches outside of their schedule, depending on your rules, an exception will trigger – late, early or absent for example.


The schedule must be in place, under Employees à Scheduler to trigger Exceptions and Points:

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Points are visible from the Timecard à All Timecards section of the system, under the Points tab for each employee. The current point value is shown at the top of the Points area, along with any points that meet the filtering criteria.

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By default, when reviewing points, the prior pay period and current pay periods display, however you may adjust the filters by clicking the Search icon:

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You may adjust points by clicking on any point that is currently displaying for an employee. Change the date, exception, point value or status, along with a comment if desired. 

For example, perhaps an incorrect schedule was in place, you might void the active points.

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You may manually add points to an employee, by clicking the ‘Add Point’ at the top right corner.

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