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Why is the Time Incorrect on my Clock?

The following steps should be taken to ensure that the clock is configured for the proper time. 

Keep in mind that the clock by default will synchronize with time.nist.gov, so if you are comparing the time to an alternative source, ensure that the alternative source is on the proper time.


  1. *Must be a clock admin in Timeco to check this* - tap the top left menu – Settings – Date/Time:
    1. “Automatic Date and Time option” should be enabled
    2. Ensure that the NTP Server is set to time.nist.gov – or if another time sync server is needed, it can be changed here. Consult with your IT team if unsure.
    3. Ensure that the proper time zone is listed.


  1. If the options above are correct, tap the three dots at the top right and choose Sync Time to force a manual sync.


  1. If after following the above options the clock continues to display the incorrect time, this likely means that time.nist.gov is not allowed on your network, or that this URL is being rerouted to something else on your network, another NTP pool. Please consult with your IT on this if it continues to be an issue, so they may check these settings on the network.

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