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Employees Can't Punch In With Their Pin/Badge Number

Who Can Use a Pin/Badge?

In order to have the option to verify your identity or punch in/out using a pin number, you must be set to "non-secure".

If this option is not turned on in the employee's profile (on the Timeco website under employees-->list view), then the clock will respond with a "Unknown User" error.

How To Set a User To Non-Secure

In order to set a user to non-secure, you must perform the following steps on the Timeco website with the role of SysAdmin. If you're unsure of your role in Timeco, please reach out to your administrator for assistance. 

  1. Sign on to https://my.timeco.com/ and select employees-->list view.
  2. Once you get to the Employees listing, select “Search for employee” in the upper right hand corner. You can do so by their last name, or their Employee ID number.

       3. Once you have the employee selected, you will then proceed down to the “Clocks” section on their profile. 

    4. Depending on how the employee is punching in and out on the clock, you’ll configure that in different ways in this section.


  • Badge #:    This number links the employee to the clock, and is also used as the PIN number to clock in and out if the option for Non-secure is selected below. Do not change this.

  • Clocks:    You can select the edit icon to select the clock(s) that the employee will be able to use.

  • Clock Role:    The User role will just give an employee normal user rights to the clock; Manager will only give someone access to enroll fingerprints for other employees; Administrator will give someone full access right to the clock(s), and all settings such as network connectivity, full user listing on the clock, and so forth.

  • Biometric clock(s)?:   Turning Non-secure either on or off will enable the following:

                On:      PIN entry, Fingerprint scan, Proximity Card scan.

                Off:      Fingerprint scan, Proximity Card scan.


    5. Once you have completed your profile edits, click on either “Save” at the top right or bottom right corner of your screen.



If you have set the employee to non-secure, and they are still unable to verify their identity or punch using their pin, then perform the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check to make sure the clock is online. This can be done by looking at the top right hand corner of the clock's screen. You should see two symbols. If either symbol has a red dot, or an X, then the clock is offline. Once you get the clock reconnected to the internet, move onto step two.
  2. You'll want to make your way back to the employee's profile as described above. From here scroll down to the "Clocks" section of the profile and select the orange pencil icon next to the name of the clocks that the employee is assigned to. 
  3. When the clock selection screen opens, you'll want to deselect your clocks and press the "Add/Remove" button on the bottom right. This will send a code to your clock instructing it to remove this employee from it's user list. 
  4. Next you'll want to reopen the clock selection screen and check mark the clocks you just removed the employee from. After all the clocks have been checked you'll want to press the Add/Remove button again. This will download a fresh copy of the employee's profile to the clock (including the non-secure option you previously setup). 

If the employee still cannot punch in or out using the badge number listed in their profile, then please reach out to support@timeco.com with your company's and employee's name. 

It would also be helpful to include the serial number of the clock so your support agent knows exactly which clock they should be looking at. The serial number is located on the back of the clock. 

If you clock is mounted to the wall, the serial number can be retrieved from inside the clock. You'll just need to go into the top left menu (three lines), select settings, then about device.

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