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By scheduling your employees, you can track Exceptions in the system (Late, Early, Absent). 

Without a schedule, exceptions will not trigger. The exception is triggered by comparing the schedule to the actual 

hours worked on the timecard. 

By default, the Scheduler will show scheduled employees only. To show all employees, select this option:


The Scheduler shows the current week by default; however you may navigate forward and backward using the date 

selection tool: 

Use the Search field or the Filter button to narrow down your results. For example, it may be beneficial to hide Salaried 

employees, if they do not punch. 

To assign a schedule to your employee, you may simply type the in/out time into the cells per day. 

 The Rollover option will take the schedule in the current week and infinitely roll it forward into future weeks, until 


The schedule budget icon displays the total scheduled hours and labor cost. The cost is the employee’s 

wage rate multiplied by scheduled hours for the week. 

 The color coding will depend on the colors selected in the Labor Levels area within the system. 


To move one employee’s schedule to another employee, simply click and drag the employee’s name to 


You can drag blank lines/cells on top of others, to quickly delete schedules. Any cell can be dragged to another 

to easily copy the schedule. 

To modify a schedule, you may double-click to edit the details, or change the segment:

Schedule Templates can be created if you have a common schedule that is to be used for multiple employees. 

 Select at the top to create a new template.  Fill in the template based on the schedule criteria and save: 

 The default view of the Scheduler is weekly; however, you may also schedule by day or month:  

The Monthly view is great for scheduling one day at a time, or just getting an idea of who is scheduled per day this 

month. You can also navigate backward and forward between months, using the arrows at the top right/left corner 

of the calendar. 

 If employees are scheduled, you will see the number of employees scheduled per day on the calendar: 

When you select a day, a new window will appear whereby you may schedule each employee individually and add 

more employees to the schedule for this day. 


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